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Uxin Electric's 2020 Nanjing Exhibition ended successfully

Uxin Electric's 2020 Nanjing Exhibition ended successfully

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  • Author:张齐恒
  • Origin:天长市优信电器设备有限公司
  • Time of issue:2020-12-09

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Uxin Electric's 2020 Nanjing Exhibition ended successfully

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Company News
  • Author:张齐恒
  • Origin:天长市优信电器设备有限公司
  • Time of issue:2020-12-09
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        On October 30, 2020, the 38th China Jiangsu International New Energy Electric Vehicles and Parts Expo (Nanjing Exhibition) came to an end. Uxin Electric shined at the Nanjing Exhibition and won a lot of attention.

       Uxin's full range of chargers were unveiled at this exhibition, attracting audiences to gather at the booth to find out. All series chargers of Uxin guarantee the safety of battery charging in all aspects from material to structure; at the same time, it exceeds the requirements of national standards to eliminate potential safety hazards. Uxin charger products are ultra-safe, ultra-smart and more high-end. Reliable and stable product quality has created a strong brand foundation.


The following is the live video of Uxin Nanjing Exhibition:

               01 Focus on product quality

   Products are the foundation that determines the foundation of the market, especially high-quality products, which are an important element that lays the company in the market and the hearts of consumers. Therefore, only long-term stable product quality can accumulate a good market foundation; Uxin can receive public opinion Favor is because we always insist on providing high-quality products.

                02 Focus on product development

   Uxin has spared no effort in scientific research and innovation. It has long-term cooperation with well-known lithium battery manufacturers in the country. At present, Uxin has formed a research and development team composed of industry experts, struggling in the front line of scientific research, and fully promoting the process of technological development and product innovation.

Uxinke is worthy of the trust and expectation of dealers by virtue of its strong corporate strength, independent innovation ability of scientific research team, and perfect "one-stop" service system!

               03 Good after-sales service

  Uxin Electric has a complete after-sales service system. Only good products and a thorough and detailed after-sales service system can lay a solid foundation for the Uxinke team. Only partners can have more confidence and confidence in the daily operation process, so that both the enterprise and the distributor can achieve a win-win situation. Therefore, it is very important to build a good after-sales service. Uxin has created a good-quality after-sales service team to provide consumers with better services.

Now the exhibition has ended successfully,

Uxin is back with a load!

Finally thank you,

All customers and partners who support and accompany Uxin.

Thank you for moving forward together.

Thanks for meeting us! because I have you!

We are motivated,

Let every encounter be so wonderful!

Hope every step of the future will have you!

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